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Cuban FM ​Denounces US Campaign to Impose Regime Change in Cuba

  • Cuba FM:

    Cuba FM: "The US intends to orchestrate a provocation to spoil the just celebration of the beginning of the transition to the new normality after long months of pandemic. It is a hostile interference in Cuban affairs that our government will not allow." | Photo: Twitter @EmbacubaNZ

Published 10 November 2021

The Cuban Foreign Minister Rodriguez Parrilla ratified that the response to provocations will be made in strict compliance with Cuban legality.  He also denounced the role of the U.S. government in inciting internal subversion.


Cuba reiterated on Wednesday the public denunciation of the role of the United States (U.S.) in inciting internal movements seeking regime change in the Caribbean country, a policy that he predicted is destined to fail.


US Finances Subversion in Cuba Through International Awards

Cuba's Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez, indicated that the island's authorities would not allow the permanent aggression of the U.S. government and its attempts to damage social peace to "spoil this party" concerning the reopening of the country's social and economic life.

In this sense, he ratified that the response to the provocations would be made in strict compliance with Cuban legality.

He also denounced that the core of the U.S. interference plan has the approval of high-ranking officials of the U.S. Government. It follows a scheme to portray Cuba as a failed state, as a justification to increase the blockade against the country.

"U.S. policy against Cuba is destined to fail. Wake up from that dream.
It's not going to happen. It hasn't worked, it doesn't work, and it will never work."

Rodriguez detailed, in that sense, the reinforcement of the economic war policy under the administration of Donald Trump, which has remained unchanged by the government of Joe Biden.

 He accused the White House of trying to provoke a social explosion in Cuba with the aid of those harassment measures, using a communications ensemble that he described as powerful.

He pointed out that this communication campaign connects with the actions of violent groups with a presence in Cuba and abroad. Furthermore, he described how the Facebook platform tolerates hate speeches, which violates not only international law but also U.S. law and the platform's so-called "community policy." 

Regarding the current situation, he referred to the attempts of a superpower to impose a regime change by force, trampling the right to sovereignty of a people. He then stressed the right of the Cuban people to peace and sovereignty.

The Cuban FM exemplified how the U.S. Government has been making retaliatory threats against Cuba concerning the response of the Caribbean nation to the challenge to the constitutional order scheduled for next week. There have been 29 U.S. officials' statements in this regard since September 22, and they include threats against embassies in Havana.

The Chancellor described the statements of U.S. officials as "cynical" and decried their silence about the repression in other places. He mentioned examples taking place in Latin American countries, without mentioning their names, although they relate to the episodes of repression in Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Denial of humanitarian aid and proposal of collaboration

The Foreign Minister denied that the U.S. Government had sent humanitarian aid to Cuba and exemplified that not even when the oxygen crisis occurred in the summer did it change that policy. On the contrary, he said, it hindered that aid.

Rodriguez denounced the politicization of migration with the hindering of the normal flow of Cubans between both countries; in particular, he referred to the most recent restrictions applied to vaccination campaigns. He described them as discriminatory, because the efficacy and effectiveness of Cuban vaccines have been demonstrated in practice.

On a side note, the Cuban Foreign Minister said that Havana expects the prompt approval of its vaccines by the World Health Organization (WHO). He recalled that the hostile policy of the U.S. hindered the very process of production of Cuban drugs with its blockade measures.

He informed that last Friday, the U.S. State Department approached the Cuban Embassy with an alleged aid offer of vaccines, just when the country has already surpassed 90 percent coverage of its population with some dose. Furthermore, he also said that such an offer carried opportunistic conditions and no practical effects, given the progress in the country.

He also announced that Cuba made a counter-proposal to use those U.S. vaccines, together with Cuban vaccines, to immunize countries in the region in need of them.

Urging the U.S. Government to justify its policy towards Cuba

In his speech on Wednesday, the Cuban Foreign Minister called on the U.S. Government to justify the alleged change of priority in its policy towards Cuba, adopted last summer, according to recent statements by U.S. officials.

He denounced the financing of organizations that promote regime change in Cuba and said this had created a climate of incitement to hatred and violence in social networks. He added that it was as if the U.S. were exporting the same social ills common in its political realm to Cuba.

Rodriguez ratified that the Cuban government will not allow any attempts to change the government and that it will do so following Cuban laws, and said that Cuba would reject any attempt at intervention, however it is presented.

He described the policy of interference and hostility of the United States towards Cuba as one doomed to failure and unfeasible. He then demanded that it be dismissed and alerted diplomatic representatives of the possibility that Cuban diplomatic offices abroad may be the object of attacks.

In the final part of his speech, the Cuban Foreign Minister asked for the solidarity of the nations represented there and the UN and its institutional system. In the face of this new anti-Cuban escalation, he called to defend, together with Cuba, the right of all peoples to self-determination and sovereignty.

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