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Cuba Won't Tolerate US Interference In Its Internal Affairs

  • Citizens take part in a rally to support the Cuban revolution, Havana, Cuba, 2021.

    Citizens take part in a rally to support the Cuban revolution, Havana, Cuba, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @bellybeastcuba

Published 12 November 2021

Cuban authorities rejected the holding of a "citizen" march through which Washington seeks to advance its strategy of destabilization against the Socialist revolution.

On Thursday, Cuba’s Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodriguez rejected the stance adopted by U.S. State Secretary Anthony Blinken, who accused the Cuban government of preventing the holding of a march scheduled for Nov. 15.


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“Such march is not an authentic initiative of our people, but an instance of the 'regime change' strategy which the U.S. trialed in Bolivia with the coup d'état against President Evo Morales. Trying to give such demonstration any legal or democratic foundation is to misrepresent its essence,” Rodriguez argued.

 “We will not tolerate any interference in our internal affairs. If the United States is truly concerned about our country’s situation, it should consider ending the economic blockade,” Rodriguez insisted.

Previously, Blinken urged the Organization of American States (OAS) to speak out against the alleged violation of democracy and human rights in Cuba since the OAS Charter of the Inter-American Democracy establishes sanctions for governments that "violate" these principles.

"Cuba does not need the OAS nor does it want it reformed. We will never return to that Washington's old mansion,” Rodriguez said and recalled that this international institution has limited itself to observing so many humiliations to Latin America promoted from the United States.

On Thursday, the Nicaraguan ambassador to the OAS Arturo McFields also condemned that this organization did not recognize the results of his country's presidential elections even though over 200 electoral companions validated the transparency of the process.

"If this forum is called Towards a Renewed America, it must look to the future and not to the past with neo-colonialist and interventionist positions," McFields stated before the OAS General Assembly.

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