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Cuba is Known for Its Generosity to Grenada: PM Mitchell

  • Grenadian Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell, April 2024.

    Grenadian Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell, April 2024. | Photo: teleSUR

Published 15 April 2024

Cultural exchange between peoples allows Caribbean peoples to gain a greater understanding of what unites them, he pointed out.

During an exclusive interview with teleSUR on Monday night, Grenadian Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell emphasized the importance of deepening cooperation and solidarity between countries to solve the common challenges that Latin American nations face.


Cuba & Grenada Heads of State Meeting for 45 Years of Relations

The young Caribbean politician visited the city of Havana on the occasion of the anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations between Cuba and Grenada.

“First of all, I want to say that we are very proud of the relationship that Grenada and Cuba have developed over the last 45 years. Actually, it's one of the closest bilateral relationships that Grenada has created," Mitchell said.

"Grenada is quite fond of this relationship. We have created a special place in our hearts and minds for our Cuban friends…. We look forward to the strength of this relationship,” he added.

During his stay on the Caribbean island, PM Mitchell signed 45 memorandums of understanding with Cuba to foster cooperation on issues related to education, infrastructure, tourism, and the creative economy.

“Cuba has proven to be immeasurably helpful to Grenada particularly in the areas of education and healthcare, something in which Cuba is known for its generosity to Grenada and the Caribbean… We have benefited a lot. “We have got Cuban missions in Grenada in healthcare and education.”

About the Caribbean Solidarity

When referring to the positive role that Cuban cooperation has played, the Grenada's Prime Minister highlighted the importance of solidarity in the development of the Caribbean nations.

"Solidarity is very good. Obviously, we are having some challenges in the region. We've got the situation in Haiti. We've got the controversy between Guyana and Venezuela. However, it is solidarity that will allow us to find common solutions to these challenges. So, more than ever, we need to reinforce multilateralism and diplomatic conversations with each other," he stated.

Mitchell also pointed out that the conversation between Caribbean nations is essential to adequately face challenges coming from shocks caused by factors such as climate change.

Mutual knowledge to face common challenges

To undertake the tasks of development in the contemporary world, Mitchell proposed making the most of multilateral forums, bilateral approaches, and exchanges between peoples.

“When our citizens visit the countries in our region, we get a greater understanding of what unites us and it makes it easier for governments to work in our collective interests," he said.

Grenada's Prime Minister highlighting that good relations between countries do not depend only on what leaders do but also what happens at the level of the people. For this reason, Mitchell praised the role played by teleSUR.

"I think a program like yours is a good way of doing so... We understand the importance of the media in teaching each one about each one of us. That makes it easier for people to understand that we are similar, we face common challenges, and we can help each other."

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