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Cuba Is Key to Revitalizing Caribbean Tourism

  • The 40th edition of FITCuba 2022 was committed to sustainable and safe tourism. may. 5, 2022.

    The 40th edition of FITCuba 2022 was committed to sustainable and safe tourism. may. 5, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@MaluMango

Published 5 May 2022

Cuba holds a crucial role in Caribbean tourism recovery, an official from the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) said.

The ACS Director of Trade and Sustainable Development, Safiya Horne-Bique, gave a very positive assessment of Cuba and its 40th International Tourism Fair, stating that both are fundamental to the recovery of the tourism sector in the region. 


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According to the director, FITCuba 2022 was a critical space to discuss issues concerning the sustainability of the industry. Horne-Bique said the fair is one of the first events in which the ACS is taking part following the worst period of the Covid-19 pandemic scourge.

The official recognized that the secretary-general of the association Rodolfo Sabonge attended the event, which she said was for the secretary-general an excellent opportunity to engage travel agencies, tour operators and other stakeholders in the principles of sustainable tourism. 

Along these lines, Horne-Bique went on to say that the occasion was also a platform to showcase the projects and actions that are being developed in relation to the sustainability of the tourism industry which aims at its recovery.

Concludes FITCuba 2022 with more than five thousand participants from 53 countries. Cuba presented itself as a sun and beach, cultural, health and safe tourism. 

The director said that the Association of Caribbean States is working on a revitalization and recovery initiative for the region to enable countries to strengthen resilience to extreme and frequent emergencies such as pandemics through actions that can last in the long term. For that reason, the ACS offers a solid best practices guide, seminars, facilitation mechanism for passengers and technological solutions for contact tracing, Horne-Bique said.  

The island, which relies heavily on foreign exchange earnings from the tourism sector, reopened its borders in mid-November 2021 after closing almost all incoming travel due to the pandemic. In this regard, Tourism Minister Juan Carlos García said at the opening of FitCuba that "we are optimistic and completely confident of the reactivation of Cuban tourism." 

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