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Cuba: Family Code a Matter of Rights and Responsibility

  • Meeting of Díaz-Canel, Cuban President, with different sectors of society on the Family Code. Sep. 23, 2022.

    Meeting of Díaz-Canel, Cuban President, with different sectors of society on the Family Code. Sep. 23, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@ChaguitoRebelde

Published 23 September 2022

The referendum on the new family code in Cuba will occur next Sunday, September 25.

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel met with leaders, families and promoters of the referendum approval of the new Family Code. The meeting was broadcast on national television. 

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"Truly sensitive and moving life stories that speak of the importance of the Family Code for everyone," said the President through his official Twitter account about the meeting he held with various sectors of society, including representatives of the National Center for Sex Education (Cenesex), jurists, religious, educators, experts, among others.

On occasion, Díaz-Canel said the upcoming referendum is a matter not only of rights but also of responsibility. According to the President, the debates around the issue contribute to thinking as a society.  
The head of state referred to the unique nature of the legal document to be submitted to widespread popular consultation. In this regard, Díaz-Canel acknowledged the work of those drafting the Code based on the plurality existing in Cuban families, without exclusions.

Sometimes you think you know enough about a subject because you have worked on it a lot. Until you meet with those who know it better because they have suffered a lot. Like the people we dialogued with for Code Yes. Unity in diversity.

Among those present at the meeting was psychologist Patricia Ares, who brought up the debate, consensus and disagreement generated by the document among the country's population, noting that the passion for the family unites Cubans.

The psychologist said the Family Code is a response to parents who abandon their children, mistreat, and leave grandparents to their fate.

According to Ares, the changes that have taken place in families are an example of the diverse and transgressive ways of loving, raising children and shaping a new social reality. 

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