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Colombian Senator Leaves the Country Due to Lack of Protection

  • Senator Gustavo Bolivar, Colombia.

    Senator Gustavo Bolivar, Colombia. | Photo: Twitter/ @jorgerojas2022

Published 6 October 2021

Despite the fact that Gustavo Bolívar has received several threats to his life, the Duque government did not provide him with adequate precautionary measures in a timely manner.

On Wednesday, Humane Colombia (CH) senator Gustavo Bolivar informed that he left the country due to multiple threats against him and the lack of adequate protection provided by the National Protection Unit (UNP).


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While Bolivar will continue to participate in legislative activities virtually, he did not provide details on where his new residence will be located. The CH senator pointed out that President Ivan Duque's administration did not offer him a personal security service when he went to launch the "Historical Pact' in Barranquilla.

"I had to arrive at the airport totally alone and unprotected. I moved around several municipalities without the security service's assistance," Bolivar recalled.

The Leftist senator would return to Colombia when the UNP guarantees his personal safety, "as it does with many Democratic Center Party lawmakers when they travel outside Bogota. However, it does not apply such measures with the opposition parties”.

He also requested precautionary measures from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR). "I hope that when they will grant them I will feel safer... I will not risk my life for this," Bolivar stated.

Besides denying the Senator's accusations, the UNP Director Alfonso Campo swore that the Colombian does guarantee Bolivar's safety but reminded him that all senators pay for the costs of mobilizing their security teams.

The current threats against progressive politicians should prompt the Duque government to take immediate action aimed at ensuring the safety of citizens before the 2022 elections.

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