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National Strike Demonstrations Continue in Colombia

  • National Strike Committee announces new mobilization in Colombia against government measures.

    National Strike Committee announces new mobilization in Colombia against government measures. | Photo: Twitter/@PartidoPSUV

Published 28 September 2021

The fundamental purpose of the strike is to reject the imposition of the neoliberal agenda imposed by President Iván Duque.

The National Strike Committee is mobilizing again in the streets of Colombia this Tuesday, with a plan that includes the rejection of corruption and a request for Congress to initiate the discussion of the ten bills submitted to Congress last July 27.

The president of the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT) and spokesperson of the Committee, Francisco Maltés, said that the call includes the rejection of the policies adopted by President Iván Duque, particularly the different versions of the tax reform.


Colombians Resume Protests Against President Duque

Likewise, they demand the establishment of a basic income for 1.7 million households, free public university education, the strengthening of the public health network, and the formalization of labor in this sector.

In addition, feminist collectives will also mobilize during the day in different cities of the country in the framework of the Global Day of Action for Free and Safe Abortion and ask the Constitutional Court to decriminalize abortion, taking advantage of the fact that the Court is studying a lawsuit filed by Causa Justa.

Likewise, the Peoples' Congress denounced that this Tuesday morning, Jimmy Alexander Moreno, spokesman and national leader of the Peasant, Ethnic and Popular Agrarian Summit, as well as being part of the National Strike Committee, was arrested.

The Nation Strike has been reported to take place in the main cities of the country Tuesday.

Since last April 28 and for 50 consecutive days, protests and mobilizations took place, which was considered the most significant social explosion in the previous 70 years, which left at least 87 people dead as a result of police repression, according to data from the organization Defend Freedom, a Matter of All.

In this sense, the Polo Democrático senator, Iván Cepeda, said on Tuesday that a new report had been sent to the International Criminal Court (ICC) on the episodes of police and military violence that occurred in Colombia during those protests, in which impunity and unjustified delays in the investigations are denounced, as well as the lack of impartiality in the processes already opened.

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