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Colombian President's Daughter Sets Foundation to Help Migrants

  • Andrea Petro, 2023.

    Andrea Petro, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @CABLENOTICIAS

Published 19 May 2023

"Migrants are fundamental within different economic, social, family, and cultural dynamics and circuits," the COM explained

On Thursday, Andrea Petro, the daughter of President Gustavo Petro, presented the Colombian Organization for Migrants (OCM), a foundation that will seek to provide support and assistance to migrants in cooperation with public institutions from various countries.


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The objective of the Foundation is to reduce the number of migrants in an irregular situation in different countries, Petro explained at a press conference in which she assured that the idea is to "attack the root problem."

For this reason, in addition to working together with the Colombian consulates in France and Spain, the OCM will focus its first actions on reaching people who want to migrate to explain the reality of migration.

"Migration is not easy for anyone... We go through a lot of hardship when we migrate irregularly," said Petro, who had the idea of forming the OCM when she stayed in an irregular situation for about 18 months in France.

"Migrants generate social and economic wealth. They are fundamental within different economic, social, family, and cultural dynamics and circuits," the OCM explained.

In order to better support them, this foundation will carry out a demographic study of Colombians abroad to identify their needs, expectations and difficulties.

Petro believes that there could be up to 400,000 Colombians in France, although official statistics only record 27,000. And something similar happens in Spain, where over 1 million Colombians would currently be residing.

The OCM will provide assistance so that the migrants can return to Colombia if they wish because "leaving the country is difficult but returning to it is just as difficult," Petro said.


Andrea Petro
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