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Colombia: Nobody Is Above The Law, Says Senator Ivan Cepeda

  • Colombian lawmaker, Ivan Cepeda.

    Colombian lawmaker, Ivan Cepeda. | Photo: EFE

Published 4 August 2020

Sen. Iván Cepeda on the arrest order for Alvaro Uribe: ''the decision of the supreme court of justice helps consolidate democracy in Colombia.''

Colombian Senator Iván Cepeda for the Alternative Democratic Pole (ADP-Polo Democrático Alternativo) and his lawyer Reinaldo Villalba welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice to issue an assurance measure against former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe Vélez, who is being investigated for witness tampering and procedural fraud.


Colombia: Supreme Court Orders House Arrest for Alvaro Uribe

At a short press conference, Villalba said this is important news for the judiciary, and he stressed the independence of the Supreme Court, despite pressures.

The left-wing Senator Cepeda pointed out the value of the supreme court's decision in helping to consolidate democracy in Colombia. ‘’It is a lesson that indicates there are no individuals above the law, regardless of how important they may be’’, he stated.

While expressing the joy, the leader of ADP called for total serenity and to avoid inciting commotion or exacerbating emotions in public opinion.

About the home arrest order for former Colombian president and Senator Álvaro Uribe, Cepeda stressed that is the beginning of a process in the event of a call for a trial and where ‘’the counterpart has all the resources to guarantee its right to justice.’’

"There are no people who are above justice and the law, however powerful and influential they are": @IvanCepedaCaston insurance measures against @AlvaroUribeVel''

He recalled that the process began on February 23 2012 and has had two stages. The first, when Uribe denounced Cepeda for allegedly asking ex-paramilitaries to testify against the former president in exchange for benefits, which in 2018 ended up turning against Uribe in favor of Cepeda.

Meanwhile, the second occurred when Cepeda filed a complaint against Uribe "about very serious facts regarding bribes to witnesses" that sought to influence the action of justice. Then an investigation was opened against the former president for alleged manipulation of witnesses.

The left-wing lawmaker emphasized they haven’t called any witnesses belonging to paramilitary groups or criminal organizations to make any accusations before the Supreme Court. Instead, the counterpart has called 22 such witnesses.

‘’Today we are faced with a decision that has been subject to a lengthy review, so it is not a superficial decision’’, he added, and stated there is a wealth of evidence to support it.

Finally, Cepeda concluded: ‘’As democrats and citizens, let us understand that today something has changed in Colombia. The Supreme Court of Justice has reminded us that there is a constitution and a legal system in which the judges of the Republic have the duty to exercise for the good of Colombians.

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