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Colombia: Most Social Leaders Killings Occurred in Duque Govt.

  • Human rights defenders demonstration, Bogota, Colombia, July 10, 2020.

    Human rights defenders demonstration, Bogota, Colombia, July 10, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 3 August 2020

The peace agreement signed in Havana in 2016 did not stop the killings of community leaders.

The Colombian Prosecutor's Office indicated that at least 349 social leaders have been killed since the 2016 Peace Agreement and that 52 percent of these crimes have happened during the first two years of the Ivan Duque's administration.


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After the Peace Agreement was negotiated in Havana, the parties agreed to create different institutions to ensure that peace throughout the country could be stable and lasting.

During the Duque administration, however, 115 social leaders were killed. At least 38 of them were assassinated during the first four months of his government. 

In 2019, 108 leaders lost their lives. Furthermore, from January to July 2020, 36 human rights defenders were murdered, for a total of 349 since the historic signing.

According to available data, 62 out of 182 deaths would be responsible for private individuals whose identity is still unknown.

Likewise, Cauca (57 cases), Antioquia (48), Norte de Santander (32), Valle del Cauca (26) and Putumayo (20) are the departments that accumulate the most cases.

The uninterrupted attack on social leaders and former guerilla fighters shows that Duque has been unable to "defending the lives of all Colombians and protecting the integrity of political and social leaders," as he vowed to do so upon assuming office.


Ivan Duque
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