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Colombia: New Massacre in Antioquia Leaves 3 Young People Dead

  • Citizens holding a sign that reads,

    Citizens holding a sign that reads, "We are being killed for thinking differently," Bogota, Colombia, February 26, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @aranguito24

Published 28 August 2020

So far this year, human rights defenders have reported 47 massacres throughout the country.

Colombia's Antioquia Peace Network (APN) Friday reported a new massacre that left three young people dead during an armed group attack in that Colombian Department.


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The victims were Arlex Rodriguez (27), Gilberto Potes (19), and Alexis Ospina (14), all of whom were killed by hooded men in a rural area of the Andes municipality.

"What a pain! Another massacre in Antioquia was reported. How much blood will be shed before Colombia's administration puts an end to these crimes?" APN stated.

The murder of these farmers is not isolated. Two days ago, another crime was registered in the same rural area. On August 24th, three young people were also killed in the Venecia municipality in Antioquia.

Crimes are not only reported in that Department. During August, several massacres against young people have been registered throughout Colombia. On August 21, six people were shot in a rural town in the Tumaco municipality, in the Nariño Department.

On the same day, hooded men killed six other young people in a rural area of the Arauca Department. A few hours before that massacre, the Ombudsman's Office reported the murder of five people in that same territory.

Amid this wave of massacres, Colombia's President Ivan Duque downplays the crimes as he ensures that "violence is not widespread in the country."

So far this year, Colombia has reported 47 massacres throughout its territory amid the quarantine that was imposed to control the pandemic.

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