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Colombia: Ex-FARC Combatants Are Called To Testify on Murder

  • Revolutionary Alternative Common Force Party leader Rodrigo Londoño, Colombia.

    Revolutionary Alternative Common Force Party leader Rodrigo Londoño, Colombia. | Photo: Twitter/ @Contagioradio

Published 8 October 2020

The Colombian justice is investigating the death of former President Laureano Gomez's son.

In Colombia, Attorney General's Office Wednesday summoned Alternative Common Force Party (FARC) leader Rodrigo Londoño and Senator Julian Gallo to testify about the assassination of the three-time presidential candidate Alvaro Gomez in 1995.


FARC Fulfills Peace Accord Obligation, Recognizes Six Killings

The accusing institution pointed out it will comply with the constitutional duty to investigate and clarify the facts and the perpetrators of Gomez’s murder, who was a right-wing politician and the son of former President Laureano Gomez.

The Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) also called Londoño and Gallo to testify about the same crime, which implies parallel investigations that could create discrepancies between transitional justice and ordinary justice.

The JEP Chamber of Acknowledgement of Truth and Responsibility asked the Attorney General's Office to expand the reports presented on the crimes committed during the 1964-2016 Colombian armed conflict.

On September 30, the JEP received a letter on behalf of the demobilized Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army (FARC-EP) Secretariat assuming the responsibility for six homicides, including Hurtado’s.

Peace Commissioner Miguel Ceballos stated that once the crime’s perpetrators are verified, the JEP should restrict Londoño and Gallo’s freedom.

However, Colombia’s 2016 Peace Agreement allows former FARC-EP combatants to take part in politics and at the same time give information about the armed conflict to the JEP in exchange for legal benefits.

Gallo informed he will not resign from Congress and pointed out that the political class that has run his country has historically been afraid of the truth.

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