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Colombia: 33 People Suffered Eye Injuries Amid Social Outbreak

  • Protesters shield themselves from police officers in Bogota, Colombia, May 2021.

    Protesters shield themselves from police officers in Bogota, Colombia, May 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 19 May 2021

German experts considered that Colombia's security forces have turned this Latin American country into a warlike zone.

Colombia's Justice and Peace Commission on Tuesday informed that four young people suffered eye injuries after Mobile Anti-Riot Squad (ESMAD) agents repressed a protest in Bogota.


Colombia Goes on Strike to Demand an End to Violence

Videos show agents cracking down on youths who were peacefully protesting at Portal Americas metro station. The agents threw tear gas canisters and fired bullets at the demonstrators, leaving at least 20 people injured. 

According to the NGO Temblores, 33 people have suffered eye injuries since protests against President Ivan Duque broke out on April 28.

"Forty-three people have been killed by police officers, 18 female protesters have been victims of sexual violence, 2,387 have suffered police violence, and 548 people have disappeared during the protests," the NGO stated.

The meme reads, "ESMAD fires stun bomb against peaceful demonstration. The device exploded in the face of a protester. Colombian agentes are mutilating citizens' eyes just like happened in Chile."

The police brutality caught the attention of German experts, who claim that the security forces have turned Colombia into a warlike zone.

"Colombian agents are trained to fight guerrillas and drug traffickers. They are used to violence and they don't know how to handle mass protests because they think they are an attempt to overthrow the government," political scientist Solveig Richter explained.

Germany's Konrad Adenauer Foundation also warned about the narrative struggle that is taking place amid the protests.

"The government is justifying the excessive use of police force by saying that protesters are 'vandals'," the organization pointed out.

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