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China: The World Needs Cooperation, Dialogues and Negotiations

  • China pleads for joint efforts to resolve conflicts within the framework of diplomacy. March. 7, 2022.

    China pleads for joint efforts to resolve conflicts within the framework of diplomacy. March. 7, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@PSarbabidya

Published 7 March 2022

China continues to call for resolving conflicts through dialogues and negotiations.

Facing the significant challenges this year poses to the entire world; China called upon countries worldwide to avoid confrontation and division; instead, they should coordinate efforts to cease conflicts using cooperation and diplomacy.

Wang Urges Bringing China-U.S. Relations Back On Right Track

Such concern was expressed on Monday by Wang Yi, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister, during a press conference on the occasion of the country's annual two sessions. He noted that the only right choice to guarantee a better future for humanity is to stay committed to reaching greater solidarity and cooperation.    

Wang referred to the relationship China maintains with many countries. In this regard, he highlighted that China-Russia relations are entirely stable and solid, expressing that the two countries will continue to strengthen their strategic partnership of coordination for a new era.

Otherwise, referring to the China-U.S. relationship, the diplomat stressed that both nations should get rid of the mindset of being rivals to focus instead on boosting their relations under the basis of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation. In this sense, he mentioned U.S. actions to crack down on China, attacking the Asian country in areas that affect its main interests. Wang said that such actions damage not only the bilateral relations but also harm international peace and stability.

Wang also remarked that China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) had established a more dynamic and promising regional cooperation over the past three decades. In this relation, he said that both China and ASEAN must guarantee international cooperation against the global pandemic of COVID-19 and boost regional cooperation and defend the stability in the Asia-Pacific region.      

The foreign minister also talked about China's relations with Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean (LAC). He emphasized the over 10,000 km of railways, up to 100,000 km of highways, nearly 100 ports, and innumerable hospitals and schools that China has built in Africa, qualifying such efforts as monuments of cooperation. For its part, LAC is a region of promise and vitality and is not the backyard of anyone, Wang said, stating that what this region needs are justice and mutual cooperation. He disclosed that China would continue to work to build a China-LAC community with a shared future.      

Wang Yi also praised the role played by the Belt and Road initiative in expanding cooperation among countries around the world, noting that the development strategy has welcomed 180 members since last year. He added that China would make every effort to continue advancing high-quality Belt and Road cooperation to contribute to the benefit of the world and the happiness of people of all countries.

The official reiterated China's position over the conflict in Ukraine, stating that everyone should refrain from making any move that escalates the current tensions. He called on calmness and rationality to end the conflict through diplomatic means. China is willing to keep facilitating dialogue for peace and work together with the international community to mediate as needed, Wang also expressed.


Wang Yi
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