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Chile: President Boric Calls on ‘Deepening’ Ties With Argentina

  • Chilean President to strengthen ties with Argentina. Apr. 5, 2022.

    Chilean President to strengthen ties with Argentina. Apr. 5, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@latinarepublic

Published 5 April 2022

Chilean President highlighted on Monday the need for “deep brotherhood" and unity in Latin American countries, especially Argentina.


During his visit to Argentina, Gabriel Boric, the Chilean President, urged for unity among Latin American countries and deepening ties with the country.

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"Chile comes from Latin America and although for a long time we have been looking in other directions, towards the north or towards the Pacific, in relations that we are interested in maintaining and deepening, our base in Latin America," said Boric, vowing to "build community, cooperation, and internationalism" in the Latin American region.

"Latin America has to recover a united voice, a voice of cooperation, a joint voice on the global stage," he said during the press conference with Argentina's President Alberto Fernández. The Chilean President noted that the fact of choosing Argentina as the first country for traveling was more than just a nod to Chilean tradition.

"We have a huge shared border, but also because of a personal trajectory, I feel a deep brotherhood with the Argentine people. I grew up in Patagonia. In Patagonia, there are no borders," said Boric. At the press conference, both heads of state strengthened their common ties. At the same time, Fernandez added that the Andes mountain range must be "a border that unites us and does not divide us," as he called for "the realization of the bi-oceanic corridor to which the north of Argentina aspires and which will unite Chile with Brazil."

The Latin American leaders priced each other, referring to their relationship as "partners, allies and accomplices."

"In me, you have a friend to help you in everything I can, an ally for Latin American unity and an accomplice to modernize whatever needs to be modernized with equality criteria," Fernandez told the Chilean president.

During the session, both Presidents signed some cooperation agreements on the path of gender and diversity issues.

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