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Brazilians Call for a World Day to 'Stop Bolsonaro' on Sunday

  • #StopBolsonaro poster with Jair Bolsonaro's image in the background.

    #StopBolsonaro poster with Jair Bolsonaro's image in the background. | Photo: Twitter/ @JLMelenchon

Published 27 June 2020

The global action against the far-right President Jair Bolsonaro occurs when Brazil has become the second country most affected by the pandemic.

Brazilian ex-pats and social organizations called for "Stop Bolsonaro" demonstrations to stop the advance of neoliberal fascism in this South American country.


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On Sunday, rallies against the far-right President Jair Bolsonaro will be carried out in over 50 cities, among which are Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt (Germany); Barcelona and Madrid (Spain); Zurich and Geneva (Switzerland); Lisbon, Porto, and Coimbra (Portugal); Paris (France), Rome (Italy), and Dublin (Ireland).

Among the movements summoning to this international protest are the Star of Democracy, the International Front of Brazilians Against the Coup (FIBRA) and the United Women against Bolsonaro, which confirmed that activists from Canada, the United States, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico will also join the #StopBolsonaro mobilizations.

The conveners explained that this collective action is directed against neoliberal fascism that disrespects the Brazilians' cultural and ethnic diversity.

Since the far-right tricky won the 2018 elections, “they have increased deforestation in the Amazon and the murder of indigenous people, blacks, women, gays, and popular leaders. They have systematically attacked culture and education. They have worsened working conditions and stagnated the economy," the Stop Bolsonaro Movement (SBM) recalled.

"The truculence of the President's supporters has increased and deploys greedy and violent militias, the military, and the police to support a dictatorship," it added.

In Brazil, the SBM confirmed rallies in 13 major cities, including Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belem, Porto Alegre, and Campinas.

"This Sunday, everybody will demonstrate against fascism and the psychopathic president... we want to guarantee democracy in our country," the Unified Workers' Central (CUT) leader Antonio Lisboa said.

This global action against the far-right former Capitan occurs when Brazil has become the second country most affected by the pandemic. As of Saturday morning, this South American country had reported 1,280,335 COVID-19 cases and 56,121 deaths.

All this happens as part of a health crisis generated by Bolsonaro, who describes this disease as "the small flu" and encourages disrespect for the quarantine.

“The Bolsonarist ideology's recipe aggravated the Brazilian political crisis. If it is not stopped in time, the country will live in chaos," the SBM warned and swear that it will continue to be active until "we recover all our social, human, environmental, labor, and economic rights."

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