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Brazilian Court to Analyze Bolsonaro's Electoral Abuse in 2018

  • Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro.

    Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro. | Photo: EFE

Published 23 June 2020

There are six other actions underway in tribunals against the presidential formula headed by Bolsonaro.

Brazil's Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) Tuesday will resume the trial of the case of a cyber attack to favor the Jair Bolsonaro and Hamilton Mourao's presidential campaigns in 2018.


Ex Adviser Detained in Investigation Against Bolsonaro's Son

Former presidential candidates Guilherme Boulos and Marina Silva presented the actions against the formula applied by Bolsonaro and Mourão in the 2018 elections.

Both former candidates denounced the invasion of the virtual group Women United against Bolsonaro, a month before the elections two years ago.

The virtual group had more than 2.7 million people and was invaded by hackers, who altered its content.

The name was changed to Women with Bolsonaro #17, displaying messages and offensive content to the opponents of the then  Social Liberal Party (PSL)'s pretender to the power.

The complaints call for the annulment of the candidacy records of Bolsonaro and Mourão, in addition to the declaration of ineligibility of both for electoral abuse.

Minister Og Fernandes on November asked the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) to reject both claims.

"Although the invasion has been proven, there is no evidence of its authorship," Fernandes said.

In addition to the lawsuits by the virtual group Mujeres Unidas against Bolsonaro, there are six other actions underway against the presidential formula headed by Bolsonaro.

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