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Brazil: Protests Against Police Brutality Continue

  • Silva Clara favela demonstration, Sao Paulo, Brazil. June 16, 2020.

    Silva Clara favela demonstration, Sao Paulo, Brazil. June 16, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/@NiltoTatto

Published 17 June 2020

Recently, the military police killed two young men in the Parisopolis favela. 

Residents of Brazil’s Vila Clara favela Tuesday marched for the second day to demonstrate on behalf of justice for  Guilherme Silva Guedes, an Afro-Brazilian 15-year-old boy who was reportedly murdered by the Military Police on June 15.


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Vila Clara protesters set ablaze the area's buses, they made barricades and threw stones at the law enforcement personnel. They demanded murder charges against Military Police officers allegedly implicated in Silva’s murder.

"What they did to Guilherme. They were too critical of him. Two shots to the head. I think when he was shot, he put his hand on it. His hand was pierced too. He never messed with anything bad," Guilherme’s grandmother Antonia Arcanjo da Silva said. She leads the demonstrations.

On Monday night Vila Clara protesters set ablaze buses. On the second night of demonstrations, the event started peacefully but after police intervention, they made barricades and threw stones at the miliary police.

"His killing tore down the whole family. His mother has not eaten or drank for four days. I am dying of pity for her. God only knows how she's standing," Silva’s grandmother expressed. 

eccording to his relatives, he was at his home entrance when two armed men forced him into a car. Guilherme Silva body was founded in Diadema locality, in Gran São Paulo. Near to the 15 year-old boy's body were remains of a military police uniform, which suggested foul play from the law enforcement agency. 

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