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Brazil: Bolsonaro-Mourão Face Electoral Fraud Trial

  • Bolsonaro is facing several pending causes regarding alleged electoral crimes

    Bolsonaro is facing several pending causes regarding alleged electoral crimes | Photo: EFE/ Joédson Alves

Published 9 June 2020

Due to alleged acts of electoral abuse made by the current president

Lawsuits filed against President Jair Bolsonaro and Vice President Hamilton Mourão's presidential candidacies will be resumed by the Electoral Supreme Court of Brasil, this legal body said on Tuesday.


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The trial, pertaining to complaints filed by former candidates Guilherme Boulos and Marina Silva about alleged cyberattacks on social networks during the October 2018 elections, addresses the request to cancel both Bolsonaro and Mourão's candidate registers.

"Today the TSE starts judging the action of 'GuilhermeBoulos' and the PSOL asks a probe to Bolsonaro/Mourão's electoral crimes. Have you ever thought how wonderful would be to get rid of both and have presidential elections this year? It is possible. All it takes is for the TSE to comply with the law."

Boulos and Silva alegged that the defendants were involved in an alleged invasion to a virtual group called "Women United against Bolsonaro," one month before elections.

Cyber pirates changed then the group name to "Women with Bolsonaro #17," and several offensive comments were posted on the website, targetted at Social Liberal Party, the other political group in contention. On this point, it's important to say that Women United against Bolsonaro has over 2,7 million followers.

This is not the only pending case against the couple currently ruling in Brazil. There are also investigations about irregularities regarding the contracting of services from WhatsApp multiplatform, as well as about the placement of billboards in at least 33 municipalities from 13 states, and the misuse of the media.

Bolsonaro governs since 2018. Even when he won the first round of elections, he had to face Worker's Party candidate Fernando Haddad in a second round, since he did not reach the minimum voting threshold. 

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