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Brazil Supports Argentina in Dispute Over the Malvinas Islands

  • The sign reays:

    The sign reays: "The Malvinas are Argentine." | Photo: El Sureño

Published 4 January 2024

Since 1833 Brazil has been supporting the Argentine protest against the British occupation.

On Wednesday, the Foreign Affairs Ministry ratified Brazil's support for Argentina in its territorial disputes with the United Kingdom.


Brazil Pays Contributions Owed to International Organizations

"On the 191st anniversary of the British occupation of the Malvinas Islands, Brazil reaffirms its support for Argentina's legitimate rights in the sovereignty dispute with the United Kingdom over the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands, and the surrounding maritime spaces," it stated.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry added that Brazil's stance dates back to 1833 when the Brazilian ambassador in London received instructions to assist Argentina's protest against the British government's occupation of the islands.

In line with Argentina's demands, Brazil urged the creation of "a climate of trust" to facilitate the resumption of bilateral negotiations, as indicated by United Nations resolutions.

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry also noted that the Malvinas dispute has been addressed within the United Nations since the 1960s as part of the decolonization agenda.

Brazil views South America as "a region of peace and cooperation," which was reaffirmed in the Brasilia Consensus approved by all South American countries in May 2023. Therefore, the administration of President Lula da Silva prioritizes maintaining peace in the South Atlantic.

Despite tensions between Argentina and Brazil since the inauguration of President Javier Milei, Brazil continues to advocate for good relations with Argentina, its primary trading partner in South America.

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