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Brazil: Lula Is Still in the Lead

  • Former President Lula leads all polls in Brazil for October's presidential elections. Jul. 20. 2022.

    Former President Lula leads all polls in Brazil for October's presidential elections. Jul. 20. 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Brazil_Office

Published 20 July 2022

Lula (PT) has 43 percent of the vote, and Jair Bolsonaro (PL) is in second place with 37 percent according to a PoderData survey.

Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva continues to lead the presidential race, according to PoderData's poll published on Wednesday.  Lula has 43 percent of the votes and the current president, Jair Bolsonaro, appears in second place with 37 percent, a difference of 6 points.

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The two candidates have had variations within the margin of error of the survey, which is 2 percentage points, compared to the last survey conducted 15 days ago. Lula varied from 44 percent to 43 percent and Bolsonaro ranged from 36 percent to 37 percent.

Ciro Gomes appears with 6 percent; Simone Tebet obtained 3 percent; André Janones has 2 percent of voting intentions and Pablo Marçal 1 percent. The other candidates did not score.

The Poder Data survey shows stability in the presidential race in the case of a second round. Lula has 51 percent of voting intentions against Bolsonaro's 38 percent, a disadvantage of 13 points. Compared to the previous survey, Lula's popularity has increased by 1 point and Bolsonaro has maintained the same score.

The survey was carried out from July 15 to 17 and 3 000 people were interviewed in 309 municipalities in the 27 units of the Federation. The interviews were conducted by telephone and the confidence interval of the study is 95 percent.

The last PoderData survey was released on July 6 and also showed stability in the presidential dispute scenario, with Lula in the lead, with 44 percent of voting intentions, followed by Bolsonaro, who had 36 percent.


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