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Brazil Accuses Google Of Propaganda Against "PL Das Fake News"

  • "Protect our children. Regulate social networks," reads the banner. May. 2, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@GuilhermeBoulos

Published 2 May 2023

The National Secretariat of Consumer Affairs, an organ of the Ministry of Justice, gave Google two hours to expose "counter-propaganda."

On Tuesday, the Brazilian government accused Google of promoting propaganda against a bill aimed at preventing the spread of fake news on social networks that is scheduled to be voted on today in Parliament.

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Bill 2630, known as PL das Fake News, has been the subject of a campaign by Google, which on its home page displayed until this morning messages such as "The PL of fake news can make your Internet worse" or "The PL of fake news can increase confusion about what is true and what is a lie in Brazil."

The National Consumer Secretariat, an organ of the Ministry of Justice, gave Google two hours to expose "counter-propaganda aimed at properly informing consumers about the commercial interest of the company in relation to the referred legislative proposal." It also noted that the platform must mark as advertising content with criticisms to the bill. 

The Brazilian Minister of Justice and Public Safety, Flavio Dino, announced on his official Twitter account that "Google has removed the encrypted and illegal advertising contained on its home page," noting that "we remain open to dialogue". The LAW must prevail over the digital wild west."

URGENT: DESPERATION HIT!!! Google using its own platform to attack PL and Twitter logging out of people's accounts to get in the way. The Big Techs are afraid of losing their fortunes gained over the devastated lives of our children, and are using everything to try to stop the PL 2630! Do you think it's right to expose your children to mortal dangers just for the profit of these big companies?? We need you! Ask your deputy to vote yes on PL 2630 FOR THE CHILDREN!

The minister denounced Google's campaign that "these people want to maintain a digital western," while pursuing their own profits.

"The regulation of the activities of the platforms is a constitutional requirement and a fundamental way to face crimes. The decision of the STF minister, Alexandre de Moraes, reinforces the need for an Internet that complies with the Constitution and the laws," added Flavio Dino.

Grupo Gigantes Brasil reported on the matter stating that "Google uses its own platform to attack PL and Twitter logs out people's accounts to interpose itself."

According to Dino, PL 2630, whose rapporteur is deputy Orlando Silva, "proposes a regulation that is even timid in the face of international best practices and the abuses we see every day, including against children and adolescents."


Flavio Dino
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