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Bolsonaro's Son to Be Investigated for Mocking Torture

  • President Bolsonaro's son holds up a sign that reads,

    President Bolsonaro's son holds up a sign that reads, "Peacefully, I am going to kill you." | Photo: Twitter/ @JosOsmarMelo1

Published 4 May 2022

Eduardo Bolsonaro must also answer before the Ethics Council for describing opposition lawmakers as "people with vaginas."

On Wednesday, the Brazilian Lower House's Ethics Council announced a new investigation against lawmaker Eduardo Bolsonaro, who mocked the torture that O Globo journalist Miriam Leitao suffered during the military dictatorship (1964-1985).


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The son of President Jair Bolsonaro is already being investigated for "sexist offenses", encouraging acts against democratic institutions, and making statements against COVID-19 prevention measures.

The new investigation arose after the far-right politician responded ironically to Leitao's criticism of the economic situation in this South American country.

"Are you still afraid of the cobra?" Eduardo Bolsonaro said on social media, alluding to Leitao's traumatic experience in prison.  Previously, journalist Leitao, who was pregnant when she was arrested and tortured in 1972, recounted being locked up naked in a room where there was only a snake.

The new complaint against Eduardo Bolsonaro highlights that this politician mocked a vile act of torture, questioned democratic institutions, incited crime, and advocated torture.

"Miriam Leitao says she was tortured... Although her only proof is her testimony, should I be forced to believe her version? I can’t even make a joke," he said, referring to the new investigation.

Like his father, this lawmaker has on several occasions placed the military dictatorship as a "model" of governance and supported far-right groups that demand the "closure" of the Supreme Court and Congress. Four years ago, for example, Eduardo Bolsonaro said that it would only take "a corporal and a sergeant" to close the Court.

The Brazilian President's son must also answer before the Ethics Council for sexist offenses, whereby he described opposition lawmakers as "people with vaginas."

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