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Bolivia to Advance in Subnational Elections Runoff Vote Count

  • A woman casts her ballot, La Paz, Bolivia, Apr. 11, 2021.

    A woman casts her ballot, La Paz, Bolivia, Apr. 11, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 13 April 2021

Preliminary results show opposition candidates leading the vote in the Tarija, La Paz, Chuquisaca, and Pando departments.  

Bolivia's Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSP) continues the vote count of the subnational runoff elections held on Sunday in four departments. Preliminary data shows the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) at a disadvantage with other political alliances contesting the electoral race.


Bolivia Saw a Significant Turnout in Second Elections Runoff

As of Tuesday morning, the Jallala movement candidate Santos Quispe, the Together for Tarija (UxT) representative Oscar Montes, the "We All Are Chuquisaca" candidate Damian Condori, and Third System Movement (MTS) member Regis Ritcher were gaining the majority of votes. 

In Tarija, MAS candidate Alvaro Ruiz accumulated 45.56 percent of the votes while the center-right candidate Montes secured 54.44 percent of the votes.

In La Paz, one of the most important electoral districts due to its population and political significance, MAS candidate Franklin Flores reached 44.01 percent of the votes against 55.99 percent gained by Quispe.

Having counted 90.91 percent of the ballots in Chuquisaca, MAS representative Juan Leon had 40.86 percent of the votes, while Quechua Indigenous people leader Condori had 59.14 percent.

In Pando, MAS candidate Miguel Becerra obtained 44.42 percent of the votes. Opposition MTS contester Richter secured 55.58 percent, following a 96.8 percent vote count of Sunday's ballots.  

The TSP has until Sunday to announce the final results of the April 11 subnational election runoff. If opposition sectors win these four departments, the ruling MAS will only have control in 3 out of 9 departments in the country. 

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