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Bolivia Saw a Significant Turnout in Second Elections Runoff

  • Military officers guard electoral suitcases, Pando, Bolivia, April. 11, 2021.

    Military officers guard electoral suitcases, Pando, Bolivia, April. 11, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @abi_bolivia

Published 11 April 2021

Despite electors' participation was lower than the percentage recorded on March 7, the Superior Electoral Tribunal assured that the electoral process was guaranteed. 

Bolivia's Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) President Salvador Romero confirmed a "high and significant" turnout in the second regional election runoff celebrated in four departments on Sunday. 


Bolivia: Polling Stations Close After a Normal Election Runoff

Preliminary data showed a decrease in electors' participation as compared to the first election round held on March 7; however, he noted that Sundays' turnout was within the parameters to guarantee the elections' transparency.

Local electoral authorities are set to process "quickly" electoral records and announced results "in the shortest possible time" despite the legal deadline extends until March 18.

The electoral mission sent by the Inter-American Union of Electoral Organizations (Uniore) will deliver a report on Monday, while observers from the Organization of American States (OAS) have no date to issue a report. 

Romero also welcomed the observance by the population of health protocols to avoid COVID-19 contagions while celebrating the split of the elections into two voting hours periods.

Despite some voting stations delayed the opening hours, there were no other reports of incidents or irregularities. The local electoral observation alliance Citizen Observation for Democracy ratified the normality and tranquility climate with which elections took place.

On March 19, the TSE granted credentials to 81,294 people who were selected as jurors for conducting the election runoff in the Chuquisaca, Tarija, Pando, and La Paz departments.

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