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Bolivia: Social Leader Edgar "Huracan" Ramirez Dies

  • Edgar “Huracan” Ramirez, Bolivia

    Edgar “Huracan” Ramirez, Bolivia | Photo: Twitter/ @EDelCastilloDC

Published 31 January 2021

He chaired several union organizations such as the Bolivian Workers' Central Union (COB) and founded the Mining Corporation's (COMIBOL) historical archive. 

Bolivia's President Luis Arce on Sunday lamented the passing of revolutionary Edgar "Huracan" Ramirez, a prominent union leader and tireless defender of Bolivia's mineral resources.


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Known as "Huracan" Ramirez, Edgar chaired Bolivia's Mine Workers Federation (FSTMB) from 1988 until 1994. He was also Bolivian Workers' Central Union (COB) Executive Secretary (1996-1998).

 Due to his political activities, he lived in exile in England, Chile, and Holland. He worked in hiding during the military government of Luis Garcia (1980-1981).

He promoted the creation of Bolivia's Mining Corporation's (COMIBOL) historical archive system that became one of the largest sources of information on the matter in the region.

In 1974, he started workers' rights activism as a union delegate. He was elected as Unified Union General Secretary from 1976 to 1978.

On Aug. 1st, 2019, the Senate awarded him "for being a leader, union politician and tireless defender of mining wealth and for being the creator, organizer, and builder of COMIBOL archive system."

"Very touched and saddened by the departure of our brother, comrade, and historic mining and COB leader, Edgar 'Huracan' Ramirez. A man of integrity, intellect, and honesty who fought to defeat the imperialist dictatorships," Evo Morales tweeted.

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