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Avian Flu Outbreak Triggers Animal Health Emergency in Bolivia

  • "In the first instance, an animal health emergency has been established for 120 days," said Senasag director Javier Suárez. Jan. 30, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@carrierviking

Published 30 January 2023

The South American country had already issued an alert for outbreaks of the disease in countries of the region, according to Senasag's director.

Bolivia declared an animal health emergency following the detection of an outbreak of AH5N1 avian influenza in poultry farms in Sacaba and Quillacollo, in Cochabamba department.

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The National Agricultural Health and Food Safety Service (Senasag) activated the National Animal Health Emergency System to prevent the spread of the disease present in the detected foci of infection.

According to Senasag director, Javier Suárez, containment measures have been established to control and eradicate this disease. "More than 18 brigades have been deployed for the control and subsequent elimination of the virus (H5N1)." 

"We are also coordinating with other levels of the State, such as the Governor's Office and municipal governments. In the first instance, an animal health emergency has been established for 120 days, a situation that can be reduced or extended according to the epidemiological situation," said Suarez.

United we fight Avian Influenza! We deployed more than 18 brigades for the control and elimination of the virus, establishing an animal health emergency for 120 days, which may decrease or increase according to the epidemiological situation.

In response, the authorities have implemented an epidemiological encirclement as well as the culling of 160 000 birds.  Additionally, the marketing of poultry from the containment zone to the rest of the department and from Cochabamba to the rest of Bolivia has been suspended.

The affected farms will be cleaned and disinfected; they will then be quarantined. In this regard, the authorities said that the situation is currently under control and asked consumers to remain calm. 

The vice-president of the Departmental Association of Poultry Farmers of Cochabamba, Iván Carrión, said that the sale of quality and certified eggs and chicken meat is guaranteed.

Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, the U.S., Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and southern Chile reported cases of avian influenza and deaths in domestic birds and poultry farms last year. 


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