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Bolivia: Justice Minister Urges To Replace Santa Cruz Governor

  • Santa Cruz Governor Luis Camacho, Bolivia.

    Santa Cruz Governor Luis Camacho, Bolivia. | Photo: Twitter/ @LaVozDelSur_1

Published 13 January 2023

"We are deeply concerned about this situation. Government authority cannot exercise representative and administrative competence in jail," Justice Minister Lima stated. 

On Thursday, Bolivia’s Justice Minister Ivan Lima rejected the position assumed by Santa Cruz city Vice Governor Mario Aguilera, who claimed that his city's governor Luis Camacho can continue to exercise his functions despite being in pretrial detention.


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"We are deeply concerned about this situation. Government authority cannot exercise representative and administrative competence by distance," Lima highlighted.

He considered that allowing Camacho to rule constitutes a lack of respect towards the Santa Cruz city people, given that the Bolivian justice investigates this politician for the terrorist acts that occurred during the 2019 coup d'état against President Evo Morales.

"We are currently considering an efficient legal mechanism to replace Camacho, such as a constitutional enforcement action or a criminal action,” the Justice Minister stated.

On Wednesday, Camacho signed a regional decree and a resolution from the Chonchocoro maximum security prison in La Paz city, where he has been held since December 2022.

"The Governor is exercising the powers that confer his office. He is at the service of his people, our Bolivia, rights, and freedoms," Aguilera alleged, stressing that he could not assume the governor position because it was not vacant.

"If Santa Cruz governor and vice governor have left their people without direction, we will have to convene for new elections in that department as soon as possible," Lima insisted. Nevertheless, he stressed that the electoral tribunal has the last word on this initiative's approval.

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