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Argentine Police Repress Protest Against Milei's Reforms

  • Argentine protesting against neoliberal reforms, Dec. 27, 2023.

    Argentine protesting against neoliberal reforms, Dec. 27, 2023. | Photo: X/ @esreviral

Published 28 December 2023

The security operation ended in the arrests of several journalists who reported police brutality.

On Wednesday, the Argentine police closed some avenues in Buenos Aires to prevent the passage of thousands of citizens participating in a protest against President Javier Milei, called by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT). Six people were detained.


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Following a peaceful march that concluded at Tribunales Square, a riot police operation, which was deployed by Security Minister Patricia Bullrich and Justice Minister of Buenos Aires City Waldo Wolff, "resulted in a show of police sweeping away those who were leaving the demonstration, including journalists reporting live," Pagina 12 pointed out.

This occurred after a rally organized by social and union organizations began and ended peacefully amid a massive deployment of federal security forces. 

Nevertheless, the first violent incident occurred after a bus accidentally ran over a police officer, who was left unconscious on the asphalt and was transported in an ambulance.

The text reads, "After the blockade of the Buenos Aires streets made Patricia Bullrich's operation and protocol fail, Waldo Wolff's police continue with the show at the Obelisk, deploying hundreds of officers before a 50-people concentration."

In an attempt to prevent citizens from blocking the streets, security forces armed with shields and batons began to beat people and make the first arrests.

During this police operation, Martin Brunas, the press secretary of Popular Unity and a CTA member, was arrested for filming what the police were doing.

"We were singing along Corrientes Avenue and reached Uruguay Street. They surrounded us, and we could not move. Ten police officers came and threw him violently to the ground. We were filming them," said a citizen accompanying Brunas.

Another victim of police repression was Agustin Ricardi, an artist who was arrested after filming the police with his camera.

The text reads, "The City police repressed, beat, and detained journalists from Telefe, TN and CTA."

"I was walking along Corrientes when the police arrived and told me, 'You cannot film here'... They hit me, threw me against the hot asphalt, and stepped on my legs. I told them 'You are burning me,' and they replied, 'You deserve it for doing things against Milei'," said another detainee for reporting police brutality.

Pagina 12 reported several accounts from journalists who suffered similar attacks by federal and municipal security forces. At least four press workers suffered injuries that had to be treated in health centers.

"We condemn the police operation... It turned into repression and assaults on press workers... We stand in solidarity with Martin Brunas and demand that all individuals be released," stated the Buenos Aires Press Union (SIPREBA).


Javier Milei
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