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Argentina To Penalize Sexual Harassment in Public Spaces

  • The sign reads,

    The sign reads, "Enough of street harassment", Argentina, 2019. | Photo: Twitter/ @IMPULSONEGOCIOS

Published 9 April 2021

"We must achieve that the street is no longer a hostile environment for women," lawmaker Norma Durango said.

Argentina's Senate Thursday approved a bill that seeks to incorporate into the Penal Code sexual harassment in public spaces.


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The bill, which was approved with 67 votes in favor and one negative vote, proposes fines and imprisonment to fight and prevent sexual harassment.

Fines of up to US$216 will be imposed on anyone who disturbs another person's dignity and physical, psychological, or sexual integrity through actions such as gestures or words with sexual connotations, or non-consensual contact. 

These offenses will be aggravated if the victim is a minor or the perpetrator is a public official or a member of a security force.

"This initiative boosts women and sexual diversities' rights... We must achieve that the street is no longer a hostile environment for women," the bill promoter lawmaker Norma Durango said. 

Senator Ernesto Martinez was the only lawmaker opposing the project under technical objections grounds as it would become a penal law. Lower Chamber must now debate it.

"I think we are talking about a scale of violence. The most invisible step of all is perhaps the one we are dealing with", Lawmaker Elias de Perez noted. 

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