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Argentina To Intervene In Edesur Due To Power Outages

  • Workers of the energy distribution company Edesur, Argentina.

    Workers of the energy distribution company Edesur, Argentina. | Photo: Twitter/ @espectadorccs

Published 21 March 2023

"This is a transitional and exceptional measure. Neither the shareholder ownership of Edesur nor its concession contract will be affected after it," Economy Minister Massa said. 

On Monday, Argentina’s Economy Minister Sergio Massa announced that the National Electricity Regulatory Authority (ENRE) will temporarily intervene in the energy distribution company Edesur, which prompted long prolonged power cuts amid a heat wave last week.


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“The ENRE will intervene in Edesur for 180 days to audit it and, above all, improve its service,” Massa said, adding that Avellaneda Mayor Jorge Ferraresi will be in charge of the intervention.

"The intervention is a transitional and exceptional measure. We want to stress that neither the shareholder ownership of Edesur nor its concession contract will be affected," Massa pointed out.

Argentina will fine Edesur almost US$13 million for the power outages that have occurred in recent days. “It hurt to see shops throwing merchandise, homes without electricity or water service," he stated, stressing that authorities can no longer tolerate this situation.

Since the privatization of the national electricity service in 1992, Edenor and Edesur have controlled the electricity supply services in and around Buenos Aires, where almost 17 million people live.

Recently the Italian company Enel, the main shareholder of Edesur, put for sale its assets in Argentina, a decision that raises doubts on whether Enel will be able to continue providing services in the future.

After last week's power outages, the Argentine government filed a criminal complaint with the Edesur authorities for defrauding agreed rights, abandoning persons, and obstructing public services.


Sergio Massa
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