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Argentina Works To Intensify COVID-19 Vaccination

  • COVID-19 vaccines arrive in Argentina, 2021

    COVID-19 vaccines arrive in Argentina, 2021 | Photo: Twitter/@lachiclera420

Published 17 September 2021

In the Buenos Aires province, people over 60 years would be able to get a second dose without an appointment.

On Thursday, Argentina's Health Ministry released new data on the vaccination trends showing that 42 percent of the population has already received two doses.


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According to the figures, 48,231,402 doses of vaccine were applied in this South American country. To date, 28,919,645 people have received the first dose, while 19,311,757 have completed the vaccination.

On Friday, the Buenos Aires Province Governor Axel Kicillof announced that people over 60 years of age would be able to get a second dose without an appointment.

"We have a target population of 12 million people over 18 years of age, and we already have 11 million vaccinated with the first dose and 7 million with the second dose," he said.

Furthermore, he announced that vaccination will be available for young people between 12 and 17 years of age starting from today.

The tweet reads, "I ask you to honor the will of the Argentine people": what Cristina Fernandez wrote to the President of Argentina."

Over the weekend, Argentina will receive 2,8 million Sinopharm doses, marking more than 63 million doses received from different suppliers since the COVID-19 vaccination campaign began in Dec. 2020.

They will arrive from Frankfurt and will be instrumental in intensifying the implementation of President Alberto Fernandez administration's vaccination plan.

On Thursday, the country registered 2,493 new cases of COVID-19, with a total number of positives amounting to 5,234,851. Deaths rose to 114,101, of which 135 occurred in the last 24 hours. The figures mark a slight decrease from the positive cases reported last Wednesday, when 2,510 new cases were recorded.


Axel Kicillof
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