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Abbas Urges Biden to Stop Israeli Killing of Palestinians

  • A Palestinian bears the lifeless body of his child, Nuseirat camp, Gaza.

    A Palestinian bears the lifeless body of his child, Nuseirat camp, Gaza. | Photo: X/ @OnlinePalEng

Published 19 November 2023

Egyptian President Al-Sisi and French President Macron also stressed the need for finding urgent solutions to the ongoing crisis.

On Saturday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on U.S. President Joe Biden to immediately intervene to stop the Israeli killing of the Palestinian people.


Concert In Havana for The Peace Of Palestine

"What our people are enduring in terms of killing and destruction surpasses human capacity. Isn't the shedding of the blood of children, women, and the elderly enough to awaken the world's conscience?" he asked.

Abbas also urged Biden to press for the entry of needed humanitarian aid into the besieged Gaza Strip, stressing that the Palestinian people deserve to live in their homeland with freedom and dignity.

He added that the Palestinian people will remain steadfast on their land until they attain their legitimate rights to independence and statehood. 

On Saturday, Presidents Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi (Egypt) and Emmanuel Macron (France) stressed the need for finding "urgent solutions" to the ongoing crisis in the war-torn Gaza Strip.

During a phone conversation, they agreed on the importance of finding urgent solutions to the ongoing crisis and taking action to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

They also emphasized the importance of starting a comprehensive political process with the aim of reaching a just settlement for the Palestinian issue on the basis of the two-state solution.

Since Oct. 7, Israel has been carrying out an all-out attack on Gaza. So far, the Israeli occupation forces have murdered over 12,000 Palestinians.

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