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More than 50 killed on bombed school in Gaza

Published 18 November 2023

The Gaza Ministry of Health says that at least 50 people died on UN-run al-Fakhoora School in the Jabalia refugee camp after an Israeli attack early this morning.



The school, operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinians (UNRWA) housed more than 1000 displaced Palestinians.

"Dead bodies are everywhere and medial teams are trying to evacuate the wounded", said Tareq Abou Azzoum, Al-Jazeera correspondat reporting from the besiged City.

“People taking shelter at al-Fakhoora School in Jabalia refugee camp, many with medical issues, thought they could find shelter from the violence there. But the Israeli army seems to be sending a message: Flee to the south of the Gaza Strip,” added the Al-Jazeera correspondant.

Since the scalation of the conflict last October 7, more than 12 000 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip, of them, more than 5 000 children.

The school have been an usual target for Israeli Army, thise is the second time that its Forces strike the UN-UNRWA school and the Jubalia refugee camp.


Abou Azzoum
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