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China Speaks Out Against Japan’s Defense White Paper

  • Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. Jul. 22, 2022.

    Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. Jul. 22, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@NewsZhongguo

Published 22 July 2022

China urged Japan to cease arbitrary exaggeration of security threats in the neighborhood to justify its military buildup. 

This call comes in light of Japan's 2022 defense white paper, which, according to Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, reflects the country's deviation from "the path of pacifist and exclusively defense-oriented strategy." 

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In a daily press briefing, the Chinese official said the document grossly meddles in China's internal affairs on the Taiwan issue, holding China as a threat behind accusations against the country's defense policy, normal defense development, and legitimate maritime activities.

Wang expressed China's strong dissatisfaction and rejection because, as he said, the Asian nation is committed to the peaceful development path pursuing a defense policy of a defensive nature.

"China's defense construction is aimed at defending our sovereignty, security, and development interests. It is legitimate, reasonable, and beyond reproach." Wang said. 

According to the Chinese spokesman, military cooperation between China and relevant countries is in line with international law and established international practice, without targeting any particular country.  

Japan's interest in "further increasing its defense budget and developing so-called counterattack capabilities" heightens concerns about its deviation from "the path of pacifism and exclusively defense-oriented strategy," Wang also said. 

In this regard, the Chinese official said that with the recent history of overseas aggression conducted by Japanese militarism, Japan's neighbors, China included, and the international community has always closely monitored the country's military and security movements.

Wang urged Japan to "heed the voice of the international community, reflect deeply on the history of aggression, remain committed to the path of peaceful development, and earn the trust of its Asian neighbors and the international community with concrete actions." 


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