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  • The Venezuelan president held his first interview with The Washington Post

    The Venezuelan president held his first interview with The Washington Post | Photo: VTV

Published 19 January 2020

President Maduro stressed the importance of respect and dialogue in order to create a new type of relationship with the U.S. Government.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro expressed once again that he welcomes  dialogue with the United States as long as it is based on mutual respect between both governments.


‘Latin America in Constant Siege from US’: Venezuela’s FM

In an exclusive interview with The Washington Post, published this weekend, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro proposed dialogue with the United States, which would establish a different relationship between both countries.

"If there is respect between governments, no matter how big the United States is, and if there is dialogue, an exchange of truthful information, then be sure we can create a new kind of relationship," the Venezuelan President said.

So far, the interventionist and opposing position of the U.S. government arbitrarily recognizes Juan Guaidó as head of the Venezuelan legislature.

However, the legitimate Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro believes that "a relationship of respect and dialogue brings a win-win situation, while a confrontational relationship brings a lose-lose situation. That is his formula.

In this sense, the Venezuelan head of state expressed that if President Donald Trump lifts the sanctions against Venezuela, he would be reinitiating relations with the Bolivarian nation, and generating a path of goodwill that would benefit the U.S. oil companies.

President Maduro also made reference to the failed attempt by the Venezuelan opposition to expel him in the April 30th conspiracy, stressing that his enemies have underestimated the the value and strength of the fight for the Venezuelan sovereignty.

"One thing is the Venezuelan National Dialogue Table, sovereign with the political factors of internal opposition that has its rhythm, its agenda, and its agreements; and another thing is the bilateral relationship between the government of President Donald Trump and the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela," the leader stressed.

On the other hand, President Maduro reiterated, to The Washington Post, his promise to hold legislative elections this year.

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