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Cuba: Recovery of Electric Service Affected by Ian Advances

  • Brigades working to restore power to Cuba

    Brigades working to restore power to Cuba | Photo: Prensa Latina

Published 30 September 2022

Cuba is progressing in recovering its electrical infrastructure, severely affected by the passage of the intense hurricane Ian through the western part of the island, said the Electrical Union company (UNE).

According to the entity, the incorporation this Friday of generation unit eight of the Mariel Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTE), and six of the Renté unit, reduced to 688,639 the number of customers who remain without this vital service, mainly due to damages in the distribution networks.

 Progress in Cuba on Recovery of Power After Hurricane Ian

UNE's technical director, Lázaro Guerra, informed Cuban television that there is still a deficit in generation capacity due to the departure of several units, which should be incorporated in the next few days to cover the demand while work is being carried out to re-establish the networks in the western provinces.

He recalled that before the climatic event, the country suffered a deficit of generation capacity, which increased with the departure of several units from the west after the impact of Ian.

He detailed that in the province of Pinar del Río, with the greatest affectations, it was possible to give service to the first 16 consumers that serve as vital support to the population, and the recovery process must begin to bring energy to the clients gradually.

He pointed out that in Artemisa Province, since this morning, service was brought to more than 17 thousand 281 customers for a 21.32 percent coverage; At the same time, in Havana, the day began with 60.08 percent of users with coverage, and at noon this Friday there are 66.57 percent, 55 thousand 086 more consumers with that service, he said.

For its part, Mayabeque, which dawned with 88.33 percent, now has 94.66 percent coverage, with an increase of nine thousand 214 customers with service.

The special municipality of Isla de la Juventud, which had 94.54 percent coverage in the morning, now has 96.16 percent, 555 more consumers.

He explained that the western provinces receive the support of contingents of workers from the rest of the country to minimize the time of affectation on the population and the economy.

He clarified that from Matanzas (central) to Guantánamo, the easternmost of Cuba's provinces, they are affected mainly due to the generation deficit at the national level.

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