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Progress in Cuba on Recovery of Power After Hurricane Ian

  • A vehicle travels along the boardwalk after the passage of Hurricane Ian, today, in Havana

    A vehicle travels along the boardwalk after the passage of Hurricane Ian, today, in Havana | Photo: EFE / Yander Zamora

Published 29 September 2022

The recent passage of Hurricane Ian through the western region of Cuba caused a collapse in the national power grid.

The country's Electric Union (UNE) reported that it is working "on changing transformers and poles to reestablish electric service to the population of Pinar del Río," the province most affected by the hurricane. 

 Cuba Makes Progress in Restoring Electricity After Hurricane

Ian hit the Caribbean island with category 3 on the Saffir Simpson scale. In the south of the country, the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud had restored 72 percent of electricity service by Wednesday night.

According to UNE, brigades from other provinces arrived at the western end of the island to replace poles, raise downed cables and replace damaged transformers.

It was also reported that the micro-systems created in the western region were reinforced, which has made it possible to provide service to some circuits whose failures caused by the hurricane had already been resolved.

The delivery of material resources to the most affected areas of the Isla de la Juventud has begun, as well as sanitation work.

Meanwhile, in Pinar del Río, almost 2 000 people are still evacuated and the offices for the delivery of resources have begun operating.

A statement from the Cuban Presidency said that at the Santa Cruz del Norte Thermoelectric Power Plant, east of Havana, where Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel arrived earlier in the day, "work is being done tirelessly to recover the generation of energy that will be synchronized with the National Electro-energy System."

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