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Russian FM at UN Security Council Meeting on Ukraine Conflict

  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Sep. 22, 2022.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Sep. 22, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@JKDubai1

Published 22 September 2022

The term "impunity reflects what has been going on in that country since 2014," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, referring to Ukraine.

Lavrov's remarks came Thursday at a UN Security Council ministerial meeting on Ukraine, which he called "very, very timely." "As far as I understand it, today's meeting was prompted by some delegations' wish to discuss the issue of impunity in Ukraine." 


Russia and Ukraine Swap Prisoners

On this occasion, the Russian diplomat said, "The nationalist radical forces, outright Russophobes and neo-Nazis then came to power as a result of an armed coup with direct support from the Western countries."

What followed: "lawlessness and utter disregard for human rights and fundamental freedoms: the right to life, freedom of expression, access to information, freedom of conscience, and the right to use one's mother tongue," Lavrov said.

 In Ukraine, laws were passed "aimed at displacing Russian and, in fact, banning it," Lavrov said. "In recent years, the Kiev regime has been conducting an all-out assault on the Russian language, infringing on the rights of the Russian and Russian-speaking population in Ukraine with impunity."

Sergey Lavrov's speech at the UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine. We have no doubt that Ukraine has finally turned into a Nazi totalitarian state.

In this regard, the foreign minister said Russia's special military operation was "inevitable." Lavrov said that Moscow has presented a "large number of facts showing how Ukraine was being prepared to play the role of anti-Russian, the role of a springboard for the creation and implementation of threats against Russian security." 

Lavrov said that Russia would not allow Ukraine to establish a platform for setting up threats to Russian security. 


Sergey Lavrov
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