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US Activist and Friend to Venezuela Kevin Zeese Passes Away

  • U.S. lawyer Kevin Zeese.

    U.S. lawyer Kevin Zeese. | Photo: Facebook / Kevin Zeese

Published 6 September 2020

The dedicated, long-time organizer is being remembered for his important work on the frontlines of countless struggles for justice.

U.S. lawyer, advocate, writer, activist-organizer and comrade, Kevin Zeese, passed away on Sunday morning.


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Zeese, alongside his partner Margaret Flowers, was the Co-director of Popular Resistance, an online resource providing news and information, which brings together movements for peace and economic, racial and environmental justice.

He sat on the advisory board of Courage Foundation defending Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Jeremy Hammond, Chelsea Manning and other whistleblowers, where he stood up for dissidents and journalists.

In 2019, Zeese was among a group of U.S. solidarity activists who became known as the ‘Embassy Protection Collective’ for participating in a weeks-long live-in at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington DC.

There, he and three others were arrested, jailed and charged for defending Venezuelan sovereignty against a breach of international law as members of the Venezuelan opposition planned an illegal takeover of the property, with the help of U.S. authorities.

Margaret Flowers, Adrienne Pine, David Paul and Zeese were fearless in their rejection of the US-orchestrated coup attempts in Venezuela and stood firm on the principles of sovereignty, the self-determination of peoples, non-interference and peace and were persecuted because of it.

An outpouring of tributes can be seen on social media, with fellow activists remembering Zeese’s fight for justice on issues including poverty, economic justice, war, healthcare, and more.

At the time of his passing, Zeese was involved in the campaign against the attempt to extradite Julian Assange.

His dedication and commitment to social justice and his great capacity as an organizer, strategist and visionary will be remembered.


Kevin Zeese
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