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EU Puts Ukraine in Debt as European Farmers Protest: Zakharova

  • Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

    Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. | Photo: X/ @mfa_russia

Published 5 February 2024

The Russian diplomat stressed that Ukrainians will be forced to pay the immense debt that the Kyiv regime is carelessly contracting.

On Monday, Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denounced that the European Union (EU) approves credits to Ukraine, indebting it even more, despite many Europeans protesting due to the deterioration of the economic situation.


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"While European farmers demand assistance, their political leaders draw the curtains and decide to send an additional 50 billion in aid to the Kiev regime," she stated.

"Future Ukrainian generations will be forced to repay this European money, and 33 billion euros will be delivered to Kiev in the form of credits, plunging Ukraine into a deep debt pit. But the temporary government in Ukraine is not concerned about this," Zakharova added.

Previously, on Saturday, the Russian diplomat blamed the West for the Ukrainian attack carried out with Western weaponry against a bakery in Lugansk, where 28 civilians died.

"EU citizens should know how their taxes are used. With them, they buy deadly weapon systems and supply them to the Kiev regime, which, with their help, kills innocent civilians," she asserted.

Zakharova added that the Kiev bombing represents Ukrainian "gratitude" for the "generous" assistance of 50 billion euros approved by the EU this week.

In this regard, she demanded international organizations to "unconditionally condemn" the attack on a civilian target, which she labeled as a "terrorist action by Ukrainian neo-Nazis."

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