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Russia: Supports Turkish Mediation in Ukraine Conflict

  • Dmitry Peskov, Russian presidential spokesman

    Dmitry Peskov, Russian presidential spokesman | Photo: Twitter/@RealitaedMD

Published 19 January 2022

On Wednesday, Dmitry Peskov, Russian presidential spokesman, expressed the country's support for the Turkish attempt to encourage Kiev to reach a peaceful agreement in the Ukranian conflict.

The Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov noted on Wednesday that the Russian government will appreciate Turkish work to encourage Kiev to reach agreements for a peaceful solution to Ukraine's conflict.


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Peskov answered a press question about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s proposal to hold negotiations in that country between his counterparts from Russia, Vladimir Putin, and Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky.

The official highlighted that the differences between Moscow and Kiev are relative to the obstruction of the process of implementation of the Minsk agreements.

He noted, how helpful would be if Ankara could influence Ukraine and encourage them to agree with the requests. “Where some contacts will be held is secondary,” he emphasized.

President Erdogan invited Putin and Zelensky to Turkey for dialogue.

The Turkish spokesperson, Ibrahim Kalin,  said that Erdogan will travel to Ukraine for negotiations with Zelensky in the coming weeks.

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