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Venezuela Recalls 23rd Anniversary of Chavez's Relegitimization

  • Late President Hugo Chavez.

    Late President Hugo Chavez. | Photo: Twitter/ @CmdteUicPa38461

Published 31 July 2023

On July 30, 2000, the first presidential elections in Venezuela were held once the new Constitution was approved.

On Sunday, the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro commemorated the 23rd anniversary of the general elections in which Commander Hugo Chavez was re-legitimized as president.


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"Twenty-three years ago, the People once again chose our Commander Chavez as president of the nascent Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, reaffirming their will to lead a revolution and rebuild the Homeland. A popular victory!," he tweeted. 

On July 30, 2000, the first presidential elections in Venezuela were held once the new Constitution was approved. In those elections, called to legitimize public offices as part of Constitution, Chavez obtained 59.76 percent of the ballots cast.

Likewise, the Commander's party won 99 out of 165 seats in the National Assembly and 14 out of 23 state governments.

The tweet reads, "Chavez undefeated. On July 30, 2000, President Chavez was re-elected once again with a resounding popular victory. Commander Chavez: 'I invoke Bolivar, let us unite and we will be invincible'. Brothers, a Bolivarian hug."

Maduro reiterated that through this electoral victory, the Venezuelan people demonstrated their deeply democratic character and the support they granted to Commander Chavez.

He also highlighted that this Sunday marked six years since the Venezuelan electorate defended their right to peace by voting for the National Constituent Assembly. Maduro recalled that this Assembly was elected in a day when over eight million voters participated.

"Six years ago, our People voted for the National Constituent Assembly to defend their right to Peace, putting an end to the terrorist agenda developed by the unpatriotic right with the support of the U.S. empire," he tweeted.

In a video accompanying the post, the Bolivarian leader asserted that the Venezuelan people demonstrated the awareness to defend the nation from the oligarchy.

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