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Brazil's Senators Ask Social Networks To Censor Bolsonaro

  • Burial of COVID-19 victim, Brazil, 2021.

    Burial of COVID-19 victim, Brazil, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @DeputadoFederal

Published 18 June 2021

Representatives of Facebook and YouTube will be summoned to testify about the measures their companies will adopt regarding his statements.

Brazil's Senate committee investigating the management of the COVID-19 pandemic will ask Facebook and YouTube to remove statements by President Jair Bolsonaro that threaten public health.


Bolsonaro Might Veto Bill on COVID-19 Passports if Passed

This decision happened the day after the far-right politician said that contracting the virus is a more effective decision than getting vaccinated.

“Everyone who got the virus is vaccinated even more effective than those who got vaccinated because they actually got the virus. Whoever contracted the virus is immunized. That is not in dispute, ”Capitan Bolsonaro said.

"As long as I am president, we are going to fight so that the good citizens can bear arms and be freed from the use of masks," he added.

Commission Vice President Randolfe Rodrigues pointed out that his statements "attack science and public health in a criminal way". Representatives of Facebook and YouTube will be summoned to testify about the measures that their companies will adopt regarding this case of misinformation.

The meme reads, "Do you need to have COVID advertising on television?, Bolsonaro asks. Outlet Folha demonstrated that the government diverted R$52 million in COVID-related advertising campaigns."

Atila Iamarino's reply: "How to report on social distancing which is that most people did not? How to report that the virus circulates in the air and we need to ventilate the rooms? How to teach what is the proper mask and how to use it? How to talk about the importance of the 2nd dose?"

"For much less than that, Donald Trump was blocked on the networks," Rodrigues said and asked Brazilians "not to listen to Bolsonaro anymore if they value their lives."

Senator Humberto Costa said that Bolsonaro's statements constitute a tacit confession that his administration has always bet on the promotion of herd immunity by dispersing the pandemic in Brazil.

The parliamentary commission also informed that it will investigate the current Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga, the former Health Minister General Eduardo Pazuello, and the former Foreign Affairs Minister Ernesto Araujo.

They will be investigated for promoting ineffective medicines against the coronavirus, hindering the purchase of vaccines, and other "irregularities" in the fight against the pandemic. The senators will also analyze the actions of Bolsonaro's ad-hoc advisors.

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