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Bolsonaro Might Veto Bill on COVID-19 Passports if Passed

  • Brazil Pollster Datafolha in April found 73 per cent of people supported

    Brazil Pollster Datafolha in April found 73 per cent of people supported "total isolation", and 54 per cent approved local governments' management of the Covid-19 crisis. Bolsonaro’s backing was only 33 per cent. | Photo: @MV_Eng

Published 16 June 2021

Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro increasingly opposes compulsory vaccination, claiming to fight the lessening of civil rights for non-vaccinated people.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has threatened to veto a bill on COVID-19 passports, currently being debated in parliament. 


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On Tuesday morning, June 15, he told supporters waiting for him outside the Alvorada Palace to veto the so-called "vaccine passport" bill for Covid-19 - the Certificate of Immunization and Health Security - should the bill be passed by Congress.

The draft legislation proposes a so-called certificate of immunization, which will allow vaccinated citizens access to various sports and cultural events, cruises, and national parks.

"I don't think [the law] will pass the Congress. If it passes, I will veto it," Bolsonaro said, as quoted by the O Globo newspaper.

The Senate approved the bill, the upper house, and it is currently being discussed in the Chamber of Deputies.

Bolsonaro has been repeatedly accused of downplaying the pandemic risks, as he has defied coronavirus restrictions. Even though he contracted the virus last summer, he has repeatedly voiced skepticism over COVID-19 vaccines and only recently changed his stance, given that Brazil has been among the world's leaders in terms of cumulative infections. 

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