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Blinken’s Visit To Colombia Is Part Of An Assault On Venezuela

  • President Ivan Duque (L) and State Secretary Antony Blinken, Colombia, Oct. 222, 2021.

    President Ivan Duque (L) and State Secretary Antony Blinken, Colombia, Oct. 222, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @rapplerdotcom

Published 22 October 2021

The Biden administration seeks to take its geopolitical "security" strategy to those rural areas in which the presence of the Colombian state is precarious.

On Thursday, Venezuela denounced that the U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Colombia is part of a strategy of aggression against the Bolivarian people and institutions.


Venezuela Creates Group to Normalize Relations with Colombia

The White House disrespects Colombians when it tries to use their territory to attack Venezuela at a time when their country "is going through one of the worst social upheavals in its history," Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Ministry pointed out.

Bolivarian diplomacy also warned that, instead of raising baseless attacks against Venezuela, the State Secretary should be accountable to his own people for the immoral promotion and defense of the Colombian government, which is responsible for numerous massacres within its territory.

Venezuelan diplomacy reminded Blinken that, during the last national strike in Colombia, the human rights organization registered at least 1,708 cases of state terrorism, 37 homicides by the police, 222 victims of police violence, 831 arbitrary arrests, 312 interventions. violence by the public force, 22 people with eye damage, 110 victims of shots fired by the Police, and 10 victims of sexual violence.

The U.S. government "still has time to rectify and avoid conducting a hostile foreign policy towards Venezuela whose only possible result will be to fall into a new shameful spiral of errors and failures," the Bolivarian Foreign Affairs Ministry warned.

This denunciation occurred amid statements made by Blinken who admitted that President Joe Biden wants to support the President Ivan Duque in regions affected by violence where the Colombia state has little presence. Among them, obviously, are the border areas.

“The U.S. is bringing a new, more comprehensive approach to promoting security. The approach maintains a firm pillar of cooperation on strengthening law enforcement and our efforts to reduce violence, particularly in underserved rural communities, where the State... has limited albeit growing presence,” the State Secretary said.

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