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Alex Saab’s Human Rights Have Been Violated: Camila Fabri

  • Camila Fabri, Caracas, Venezuela, Oct. 20, 2021.

    Camila Fabri, Caracas, Venezuela, Oct. 20, 2021. | Photo: teleSUR

Published 21 October 2021

The Venezuelan ambassador's legal team continues to fight for his release as the United States accuses him of an alleged money laundering conspiracy.

During an interview with teleSUR on Wednesday, Alex Saab's wife Camilla Fabri denounced that the Venezuelan diplomat was the victim of physical and psychological torture during his illegal detention in Cape Verde.


ALBA Countries Condemn Ambassador Saab's Extradition To The US

"From the very beginning, everything was illegal. Saab was on a humanitarian mission. He landed in Cape Verde to refuel and, within 30 minutes, police entered the plane and told him to get off. They took him away by force. We lost communication with him for three days," she said, adding that she knew about the extradition of her husband through Saab's sister, who was informed that the Bolivarian diplomat had been "turned over" to the United States.

"Two days ago, I was able to speak with Alex for five minutes. He told me that about 20 U.S. policemen jumped on him. They didn't even give him time to put on shoes. In less than two minutes, they took him away with violence," his wife recalled and denounced that Saab was tortured.

"He was without food or water for three days and then they took him to jail. They never respected his diplomatic immunity or international law," Fabri stressed, adding that the Cape Verde authorities hid all the evidence showing Saab's diplomatic status.

"He had papers proving he was carrying out a humanitarian mission. They hid those documents, denied him medical attention, and violated his human rights... Since he arrived in Cape Verde, they never stopped with the physical and psychological torture. It was constant during his imprisonment. They cut his wrists and broke three of his teeth. They came in at night and took away any paper he had to read."

The Venezuelan diplomat never had access to his lawyer because the Cape Verde authorities did not allow his legal team to enter the country. Saab’s sister told Fabri that about 50 armed police officers were constantly monitoring the Bolivarian diplomat.

"Every time his sister visited him, she came back very emotionally affected because the police officers searched her completely. The last days were very hard because they did not allow her to bring food or a bottle of water," Saab's wife commented.

During the entire time that the Bolivarian diplomat remained kidnapped in Cape Verde, the transnational mainstream media incessantly reproduced the U.S. speech against Alex Saab.

“Time has come to a standstill for us. Since June 12, 2020, we have not been able to move forward. We are very united, but we have not been able to be calm. As long as he is there, we will not be able to be at peace… We have been massacred by the media. They have invented so many things. They repeat a lie so many times that they make it true,” Fabri pointed out.

Despite all the difficulties her family is going through, Fabri feels supported in her struggle and protected by the Bolivarian people.

“People are coming out to support us. I know I am not alone. People show it to me constantly. Venezuela is a wonderful country with a wonderful people. I feel well-accompanied by them. They have been very supportive of us and I feel very close to Alex being here in Venezuela. "

Meanwhile, Ambassador Saab's legal team continues to fight for his release as the United States still accuses him of an alleged money laundering conspiracy.

"My husband has not committed any crime. He simply tried to help Venezuela with food and medicine during the blockade against that country... What my husband did is help people to overcome that blockade and hatred," Fabri said.

"I want to send a message to Alex: you are not alone and we are waiting for you here in Venezuela," she added.

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