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2 African American Girls Shot After Mistakenly Open Car Door

  • Warning tape from crime scene. Apr. 20, 2023.

    Warning tape from crime scene. Apr. 20, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@julianawriter

Published 20 April 2023

"...an adolescent was airlifted to a medical facility in urgent condition..."

Adolescent cheerleaders of African American descent were subjected to gunshots after one of them mistakenly opened the door of the wrong automobile in a supermarket parking lot situated in proximity to Austin, Texas, U.S.


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The suspect of firing the gun, a 25-years-old white man identified as Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr., was detained several hours after the incident on Tuesday in Elgin, located approximately 50 minutes drive from Austin. As asserted by the Elgin Police Department's news release.

Law enforcement officials promptly addressed the shooting at the parking lot of the H-E-B supermarket shortly after 12:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

According to the statement, an adolescent was airlifted to a medical facility in urgent condition, whereas the other received medical attention on site.

According to a report by KPRC, the two adolescents are part of a prominent cheerleading squad situated in the Houston region. Prior to the shooting, they had recently concluded a training session, in preparation for an upcoming competition.

Upon returning to commute with two fellow peers in a carpool, one of the girls open a car door under the impression that it was her own. Upon doing so, she encountered a male individual seated in the passenger area of the vehicle. After realizing that the vehicle in question was not the intended one, the girl ran back to the car with her peers.

"I see the guy get out of the passenger door. And I rolled my window down, and I was trying to apologize to him ... and my window was halfway down, and he just threw his hands up and he pulled out a gun, and then he just started shooting at all of us," cheerleader Heather Roth said during a prayer vigil Tuesday night that was broadcast Live on Instagram.

Roth was grazed by a bullet, but another girl, Payton Washington, was shot twice and badly injured.

The individual in question has been formally charged with the criminal offense of deadly conduct, which is classified as a felony of the third degree. The law enforcement department has indicated that supplementary accusations may be pressed.

Following the unfortunate shooting incident, numerous expressions of solidarity and encouragement for Washington have flooded various online platforms. Meanwhile, a GoFundMe initiative orchestrated by the Woodlands Elite Generals has garnered over $60,800 in donations to offset Payton’s hospital bills.

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