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At Least 2 Dead After Tornado Hits U.S. Oklahoma

  • Town in Oklahoma after the Tornado. Apr. 20, 2023.

    Town in Oklahoma after the Tornado. Apr. 20, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@JoshFitzWx

Published 20 April 2023

"...the town has experienced a noteworthy impact..."

On Wednesday evening, Cole, a town situated in the southern central region of the United States, was struck by an immense and perilous tornado resulting in the unfortunate deaths of at least two individuals, while also causing various injuries to several others. According to official reports, the state of Oklahoma has announced.


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The office of the McClain County Sheriff has been able to confirm a minimum of two fatalities occurring in Cole, a location that is approximately 30 miles to the south of Oklahoma City, which is the capital city of the state.

The office has officially stated on its Facebook page that it is taking measures to address, and effectively manage, the "reported injuries & persons entrapped within their shelters."

According to Eric Foster, Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper, the town has experienced a noteworthy impact.

On Wednesday evening, as per a news report from ABC News, the town encountered power outages due to fallen power lines.

The damage sustained also encompassed the demolition of a structure utilized as a nuptial site.

By Thursday, meteorological predictions indicate a succession of intense weather disturbances will occupy the geographical span from Austin in the southern state of Texas, to St. Louis in the Midwestern state of Missouri, packing damaging winds and large hail, said the report.


Eric Foster
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