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U.S. San Francisco - Strategic Plan to Address Homelessness

  • Homeless people. Apr. 14, 2023.

    Homeless people. Apr. 14, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@telugustop

Published 14 April 2023

"...San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a strategic plan that encapsulates the foremost concerns and objectives..."

The city of San Francisco has publicized a comprehensive and deliberated strategic scheme to tackle and combat the multifarious problem of homelessness within its borders.


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On Friday, U.S. San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a strategic plan that encapsulates the foremost concerns and objectives in facilitating the transition of individuals out of homelessness throughout the city.

San Francisco's strategic plan, Home by the Bay, outlines the city's prospective trajectory for the coming five years, aiming to amplify its triumphs in augmenting the populace's admittance to residence and housing in recent years. Such endeavor induced a 15 percent dwindling of homelessness of the unsheltered populace and a 3.5 percent diminution in the overall count of homelessness, as indicated by the statement released.

"Home by the Bay is founded on the pillars of equity and housing justice, quality, and innovation, and is anchored by a set of five bold goals that aim to drive significant, lasting reductions in homelessness," it added.

The city has set forth its objectives to reduce the unsheltered population by half, decrease the total homeless population by 15%, and proactively assist a minimum of 30,000 individuals to transition from homelessness to permanent housing.

The announcement suggests that the realization of the plan's vision is imperative in tackling the present homelessness crisis, particularly for communities that persistently experience the consequences of structural racism and disparities, as well as for individuals whose lack of shelter exposes them to health and life hazards.

"This plan sets forth strategies that build on what works and strengthens partnerships and accountability to ensure our efforts are making a real difference and that investments are making an impact," said Breed.


London Breed
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